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Providing professional investigative and legal support services in the Northwoods of Wisconsin

Northwoods Discovery provides professional investigative and legal support services to licensed counsel throughout the Northwoods of Wisconsin, including the Tribal areas of Northern Wisconsin. The owner, Jerri L. Cook, juris doctor, is a Wisconsin licensed private detective with a law degree from Concord Law School, graduating in 2014.

Ms. Cook is a former investigative journalist/editor for Countyrside Magazine, a national rural-themed publication. She has investigated government corruption and crime in rural America. Her background in publishing, combined with her knowledge of law, allows her to produce superior legal research and pleadings. Her legal research is thorough and exceptional, assisting licensed counsel in narrowing and defining their legal arguments.

Ms. Cook is an experienced private detective, specializing in rural surveillance, criminal defense, and pre-sentencing investigations. She often takes difficult SPD cases that others won’t take.

Having lived and worked in the rural community for forty years, Ms. Cook has a well-defined understanding of rural American culture as well as the issues faced by those who live in lesser populated areas. Her investigative focus is on farm theft, rural crime, and family issues.

Visitors are encouraged to view samples of Ms. Cook’s work, including writing and surveillance, follow this link or use the menu above.

If you have any questions or comments, please email JCook@NorthWoodsDiscovery.com.